Choosing the best wind board for windsurfing

Purchasing a set of windsurfing equipment can be an expensive process, and the material used is an attractive option, as it uses a lot of high-quality equipment. If you are learning to windsurf, make sure the wind board is not too old. The devices have significantly evolved over the last 20 years, and are more suitable for modern painting windsurfing. Older panels were measured in length rather than size and attempting to rotate groups longer than 320 cm can be like trying to bend a tanker.

Wind boards have changed drastically over the years, meaning that it will be straightforward to choose the wind board. In the past, the tables were sorted by length. The longer board was earlier, and as the skill level advanced, the board size began to decrease.

Your learning curve was divided into different stages, and in each step you bought a board of a different size. Fortunately, it is not so now. The new wide panels changed everything. These panels provide the driver with an unprecedented level of stability with a small group. A full blackboard will help you achieve the learning curve and stay with you in the future. This means that you will be able to improve your skills and maneuvers using the same board you know and love from the beginning of your game.

Currently, size is the most crucial factor when purchasing the first windboard. The format will determine the buoyancy, stability, and weight it can carry. You must do the math before choosing the first board.

It is essential to know not only the size of the given board but also the size of the wind board. The remaining amount is reserved after subtracting the weight of a given size passenger, platform, and board.

It is recommended to choose the starting plate with a 50% reserve. The equation is so simple that you can solve it yourself. Just calculate your body weight in kilograms, double your weight, and then add 30 kilograms to your model board and set of clothes and weight. The result will be the recommended panel size per liter.

For example, if the rider weighs 80 kg, then the total board volume in liters should be 190 liters (80 + 80 + 30). It is necessary to know the weight of the driver for the correct choice of board. More size means more flotation and stability. Choose wisely, and if in doubt, seek professional advice from a windboard supplier.

Thanks to the enormous modern skateboard, you will see faster results as you learn to wind, but require dedication and hard work after the initial stage. Stay with it, and soon you will ride the waves and feel comfortable.

Your local wind boards shop will be able to give you good advice. Many shops offer new windsurfing and billboards. Check windsurfing magazines or search the internet to find out where local dealers are located. Call them or visit their website to see if they are using an archive. Windsurfing magazines, both online and offline, provide windsurfing boards used in their advertisements.

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