Basic wind boards Movement

Surfing is the best way to free yourself from life stress. By walking on the surface, you can freely express your style. It is essential to raise the tide because the swelling increases but does not crack. Look over your shoulder to choose the right bulge. Do not put the plate in front of the wave. You can move when the stream is running.

Surfing is a beautiful sport. This game lets you express your surfing style. This action can’t be done if you don’t have the skills to start surfing the water. Take a surfboard, holding the plate under your arm inside and forging in water separately. If the plate is too full, it can be placed with a pin slot. Or you can take it over your head if it’s still impractical.

Raise your platform against the wind and lift it above your head. This will point the mast down. Keeping the rope’s sail skills, you should stick to the mast and boom. Connect the pole to the wind boards and connect both the board and the device, holding the rope in the pole and move it to the water. Prepare the mast for work by attaching it to the plate, and then insert the dagger plate. Don’t forget to wear a life jacket.

You may need to use the modulation wave force to help you squeeze you in the opposite direction. You can go much higher than average by drilling in the rail and header lines. This move lets you stop and wait for the tide to make sure you are moving to the best possible location. Keep looking around the mast or create a wave. You will come up with the idea of ​​planning a trip and avoiding the best part. When the tide rises with the white machine gun series from above, it is the perfect time to get into the sail and accelerate the wave surface.

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Another necessary learning move called shortening and turning. Both movements are ideal for beginners to learn. It is essential to balance the speed by a lower turn. Otherwise, you will be left before the breaking wave without the force reaching the lips. Lift your weight forward on the front foot and dig the entire handrail in the water to propel the mast. Remember that the right turn comes from the sculpture of the curved rock line of the board, which is used for surfing, not the weight of the rearfoot and the axis of the image.

Unlike the lower scroll, the upper floor means the vertical wave boundary. It depends on how fast you move and how aggressively you want to be. Approaching the edge, turn your head and shoulders towards your turn and move your arms towards the mast to reopen the sail, so that it was a beautiful tailor spray bucket It could do.

To start the waves, you need to move the wind boards and manipulate water as a unit. If you can’t afford it, ask someone for help. If you’re on fine sand, you can fix and attack Planck’s nose and pull Planck into the water. Genuinely get into the watery knee with a plate that floats entirely in the water and sits on the loose side of the plate. Windsurf sails are required to attach their body to the windward side panel and lift the crane through the upper transmission line. Hold the boom with both hands to maintain balance.

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