Aquatic sports

Water sports are becoming more and more recognized worldwide, spreading all over the world. These actually have a very wide variety in terms of types of water sports.

This physical activity can be done in different conditions that can be the water and also these are done in all waters (lakes, rivers, swimming pools and open sea), which makes it a very competitive sport and seen by everyone. Moreover, there is nothing better than practicing this sport doing exercises without suffering heat. 

Also the practice of this sport is much more intense than the one practiced on land because for this we need the physical effort of our whole body, we exercise all the muscles of the body. On the other hand, with this sport we manage to improve our cardiovascular rhythm, it helps us to improve our balance and coordination with our body, and finally it also helps to combat stress and anxiety.

This type of sport can be done both underwater, on the water and in the water, for each there are different sports. In this article we will explain and name some of them.


Windsurfing is a sport on the water with the particularity of being similar to surfing in terms of the board but to achieve a good displacement in it would have to control the sail that brings the board. 

In this sport there are several competitions in which you can participate, in which they are:

  • Wave, for this one needs a light equipment, also in this discipline jumps are made on the waves and surf in them.
  • Regatta, it is a race where buoys are placed, giving several turns to the route. For this you need different types of windsurf boards.
  • Indoor, 15 years old and one of the most exciting, has a world tour. In this discipline they develop three within it, which are the slalom, the regatta and freestyle.


Also called flysurf, it is a sport of displacement in which it is carried out by an attraction kite that slides the competitor. This sport is on the water.

For this sport several aspects of safety are applied because if a very strong wind blows not so far away from the beach, thus preventing the kite can get out of control. Safety allows this kite to be disconnected from the body to avoid risks or accidents. Optionally as security we can count on a life jacket, helmet and suit of neoprene and escarpines. You can also count on tools that give the speed and direction of the wind.

This competition can be practiced in several modalities making jumps and maneuvers that leave an impact on the public, this would be the free style of the sport that counts as a competition, regatta with buoys which would be a race and surfing in waves also called surfkite.

The equipment for this sport takes:

  • 1. Kite
  • 2. Harness
  • 3. Steering bar
  • 4. Surfboard
  • 5. Leash (safety line from harness to bar) including also 5 lines that are attached to the kite).

These two sports are on the water, however, there are more sports on the water. It should be noted that not only talk about if not also low and in the water. As can be swimming (in the water) and diving (underwater).

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