Water sports

In the aquatic sports we can find diverse professional competitions and of world-wide level. Among which are: on the water, under the water and in the water. Below we will explain in detail some of these.


They are the sports that are practiced in a wind boards on the water, in this league there are many disciplines.


The surf or also called board is a water sport where they carry out maneuvers that may surprise the impulse for these is provoked by a wave.

In this new era surfing has made constant progress. Including it so well in the Olympics because of its popularity.

The physical effort that must be used for this sport is very great and it should also be noted that many calories are burned. Increasing our aerobic capacity and decreasing our adipose tissue.


This sport consists of achieving the propulsion of a small boat controlled by 2 people both using one or two oars to achieve this propulsion, they may have a timotel or not to guide them.

Due to the lack of balance that this boat can have, it is practiced in calm waters (rivers, lakes, canals, ponds and ports).


The same word helps us to understand how these sports are, related to diving as well as underwater photography.

Underwater photography

It is a modality that is practiced in the world of water sports. There is a competition based on underwater images.

This sport besides having competitions is very important for scientists because it helps to make discoveries and documentaries to understand the marine environment. It is a complete sport because it is also ecological and helps marine biology.


The sport modality is called apnea or free diving. It must be taken into account that it is an extreme sport in which the professional without being able to breathe underwater must travel long distances or descend to a considerable depth. Freediving underwater fishing is also a sport like scuba diving.


This is where your competitions are a little strong, as this is where you must use a physical effort that promises to use every muscle in your body. As well as swimming there are many others.


Here we can talk about two types of competitions: individual tests and relays.

The races in this modality consist of making lakes in Olympic pools, a total of 50 to 1500 meters are covered, in addition different styles are used for swimming (back, breaststroke, butterfly and crawl).


This sport is practiced in a pool where two teams must face each other. Each match has an estimated time, in that time must score the most goals in the goal of the opposing team. In the teams there are 6 field players and a goalkeeper.

The pool should be approximately 30 meters long and 20 meters wide with a depth of 1.80 meters. In addition the size of the ball is like a professional football, have 400 grams of mass and an approximate weight of 3924 Newtons. In the feminine case the dimension of the swimming pool is a little different, it is 25 meters long and 17 meters wide.

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